The Strangest Moments In Polyamory

Written by Angela Cisco 

The strangest moments of polyamory for me are the beginnings.

Those tentative first steps toward someone new.

When you’re single you only risk your own heart. If what once seemed sweet turns out to be bitter on the tongue, then it’s only you left to wince at the lingering taste.

But when you are polyamorous, there are soft, flowing points of attachment trailing from your heart back to the hearts of others. They connect you to partners and lovers who will, by the very nature of intimacy, feel the effects of your hard falls and your sudden landings.

The risks you take may ripple in their lives like a stone breaking the still of a pond.

Know that I am aware of these silvery threads of connection that link me to my loves- that I feel the heartbeats of my lovers vibrating on those fragile gossamer strands.

Know that I will go lightly. And that when I choose to fly, I will remember that I share the skies with those who love me.

Remember that I will come back to the homes of my heart.


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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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