Ep 2- Polyamory Origin Stories

What is your origin story? How did you become the person you are today and what shaped or inspired you along the way? This episode’s guests examine how they came to be polyamorous and what it means to them.

You can send a voicemail with your thoughts about this episode, or your own polyamory origin story to annie(at)talkaboutloveradio.com – it might even be aired on a future episode!

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Episode Notes and Guest Bios

0:00- Host Intro

2:53 Allie Phelan is a librarian, writer, editor, and community organizer in South New Jersey. You can find her online as The Polyamorous Librarian, where she writes a weekly advice column and offers workshops and relationship support. She is the co-author of For Hire: Operator, a novel featuring queer, polyamorous superheroes!

5:42 Seren Low is a bisexual, queer, polyamorous new mom. They work in higher education and have a passion for helping people figure out their personal journey in all ways of life.

8:40- Vinny Tafuro Author of  Corporate Empathy and Unlocking The Labor Cage. Vinny lives in Tampa, Florida and practices Solo Polyamory. Learn more about what Vinny’s up to at VinnyTafuro.com

11:42- Joreth Innkeeper Polyamorous, atheist, tomboy, activist, kinky. Joreth has been a poly-activist since the late 90s. She is a community leader and organizer, gives workshops, and is the host of Polyish Movie Reviews. You can read her blog at TheInnBetween.net.

14:56 Morgan Morgan identifies as polyamorous, pansexual, agenderflux demisexual and alloromantic. Morgan lives in the great Philadelphia area.

16:18 Vinny Tafuro

17:26 Seren Low

19:15 Annalisa Castaldo is an Associate Professor of English Literature at Widener University, where she also received her Masters of Education in Human Sexuality. She created and teaches the Non-Monogamies course at Widener University. Annalisa was ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest in 2014. She lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Annalisa is A polyamorous, kinky, straight, cis woman and she identifies as a Shakespearean.

21:20 Joreth Innkeeper 

23:23 Vinny Tafuro

25:24 Morgan 

26:54 Host Outro and Final Thoughts

30:01 Annalisa Castaldo


Talk About Love is hosted and created by Annie Frazier. Produced by Annie Frazier and Janae Elisabeth.

Photo by Spencer _ on Unsplash

Intro music: “With No Reason” by Ema Grace . This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The original work has been altered.


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